Valerie Rhein


Chair for Sociology of Technology

Valerie Ulrike Rhein

PhD Researcher

Contact details

+49 335 5534 16 6876
+48 61 829 6876

Office: CP 118
Office hours: By appointment (send me an Email)

Research Areas

  • Constitutional Law
  • Media Law
  • Empirical Methods

Curriculum Vitae

Valerie Rhein is a PhD student in constitutional law at Leipzig University and works as a research assistant at the Leibniz-Institute for Media Research | Hans-Bredow-Institute. She studied "Media and Communication" (B.A.) with a focus on communication-centered political theory at the Universities of Passau and Seville before taking her first state examination in law in Leipzig specializing in media law. During her law studies, she gained further interdisciplinary and intercultural experience as a research fellow at the chairs of public law, political and constitutional studies and cultural studies at the universities of Jakarta, Malang and Leipzig, where she focused on the connections between architecture and the penal system. She gained practical knowledge while working in the fields of the freedom of expression and copyright law and in strategic-litigation in constitutional law, especially for the freedom of press. She was also co-lecturing an interdisciplinary class in communication research and media constitutional law at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.

In 2023, she joined the ENS Chair for Sociology of Technology.

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